A trip down memory lane

Once upon a time, we decided to start a fashion blog and we took our first ever "What We Wore" pictures against a brick wall. Now our bloggy as grown up a little bit and we have found so many different places to have our photoshoots.... but today we were feeling a little nostalgic. So we went back to the little brick wall and here is the result :) 

We make some really cute faces sometimes... ;)
Anyways, I hope you've had an awesome weekend! Exciting stuff to come this week, so be prepared... We heart you 5 elephants x

Miss Kay wears: Shirt - Target Skirt - Papaya Cardigan - Thrifted Tights - Target Shoes - Target
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Old Navy Dress - Target Shoes - Nine West

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  1. taylie! was your hair this long this summer? i thought you had bangs or something...either way, im jealous.