A thought for the start of the week...

Confession: These past couple of weeks have left me a little sad. And have left my friends a little sad. And our little corner of the world has just seemed a little grey (literally and figuratively). Life is just hard sometimes, you know? Especially in this day and age when there's so much coming towards us from all angles, it just builds up at times...

But guess what? 
This week is going to be amazing.

I can feel it! I have tingles :)
Guys, I'm seriously giddy about this week.
Yes, giddy.
It makes me smile just thinking about it!
I'll keep you updated as the days unfold, but as of right this very second, on a happiness scale I'm definitely at 100%. And I aim to keep it that way :) 

Hope this is the start of a fantastic week for you too! Love you 5 elephants x.


  1. Why are you so adorable?! please never leave me.

  2. That's a really great way to get in a good mood fast. No one wants to be sad on their birthday.