Hand-Me-Downs & Forget-Me-Knots

This is the first "What We Wore" post! Are you excited? I am...

BUT NUMERO UNO! I wanted you to see a cute little picture that shows we do actually know each other in real life and we are in fact bestfriends (:
We make very attractive faces sometimes.... OKAY here is what you've been waiting for!

Miss Tea wears: Dress (worn as Top) - Thrifted Skirt - Hand-Me-Down Belt - Nordstrom Booties - Forever 21
Miss Kay wears: Dress - Hand-Me-Down & Altered! (isn't she talented?) Tights - Target Shoes - Target  Necklace - Target

And if anyone cared where we got the awesome background, its a wall next to a generator we found. Doesn't get any better than that (;

One last thing:

See the cute little ring on my pinky? That's a forget-me-knot care of mi madre for my birthday and basically my favourite present ever. She's pretty much the best mother in the world (besides Kay's mama of course!) Just wanted to share how adorable it is...

I hope you pretties have a wonderful week! Lots of love the size of elephants being sent your way (:
Love, Tea

P.S. Just so you know, I was standing awkwardly. My body and that dress don't actually look that awkward (; (Kay)

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