You won't be 17 forever...

Good thing we have 365 days to make the most of it! Yes, Kay & I are now 17. How crazy is that? 16 was definitely a year to remember and recently i've been thinking "How on earth is 17 going to top it??" But i've realized i have this shiny, brand new year ahead of me. A clean slate. I can make whatever i want with it (: SO 17 is going to be amazing, because i've decided it will be. Such a little number has so much potential! I can't wait.

You know how when you turn 16 it is all exciting and 'OH MAN I GET TO DATE!' And you expect to get a date EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. and then it doesn't happen. (at least with us and the boys we know...) And you get sad. And eventually understand this whole concept. But it was still a good year. This last year is really when Tea and I got to know eachother better and we became best friends. Which is pretty great. I learned how to let go of some things, I found new things to love (like sewing and thrifting), and I have been actually enjoying myself! It is pretty great (:
BUT 17 doesn't have ridiculous expectations except that you get to become a pretend adult the next year. Pretty cool right? well, I hope so. Pretty excited. 17 for a whole 365 days (well, minus a few days). That is a new year to make some more mistakes, memories, friends, some more mistakes, and grow closer to father in heaven. (pretty sweet deal if you ask me). 17, I am looking forward to the adventures you will take me. (:

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