Some things:

Hello, I'm back!
California was amazing and I pretty much didn't want to come home (evidence here)
But here I am, so I'll post about all my adventures soon... and by soon, i mean Monday.
SO, on a totally different note, here are some things that have been on my mind recently:

1. I have the best bestfriend in the world, and there's pretty much no way anyone will be able to top her. Ever.Unless one day you help me scrub a whole store top to bottom, then try and figure out a whole broken door locking debacle (then.... we'll see)
2. Stress breakouts really just add insult to an already serious injury.
3.  This
4. Slip n slides are the best things ever invented.... especially if they go down a really steep hill. With lots of soap. While hanging out with awesome friends. Music in the background. And jumping in a lake afterwards. I had a "My Life is a Movie" moment.
5. Daily Odd Compliment. We're obsessed.

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