Baked nachos

Tonight I was on my own for dinner so I baked some nachos!!
Here are explicit details on how I made them!
1. Take every oven pan to get the right one that was right there the WHOLE time
2. Get yo chips get yo cheese get yo chicken
3. Put a layer of chips in pan
4. Squish chicken (I am using canned so it doesn't need to be cooked and tears easily) and put on chip layer
5. Grate cheese over chip and chicken
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until satisfied
7. I forgot to mention: before all of this blast one direction while you do this and if you don't like them blast another band like them that has a lot of haters... Or just blast 1D anyways !;)
8. Google what temperature the oven should be on to bake delish nachos (and so you don't actually have to, it's 350 for about 15-18 minutes (or until cheese has melted))
9. Write blog post about nachos you haven't eaten yet while oven heats p and eat most of the chicken that's left
10. Bake them nachos!
11. Enjoy while watching a movie ;)

I hope you all enjoyed this episode of how did Kay make her dinner!
Love Kay :)
Ps I'll let you know if try turned out ;)

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