I went to EFY the week of July 2nd. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
My company name was Kastle of Kreshenia (Kreshenia means baptism in Russian)
You may now enjoy an overload of pictures... They are my other family! (:

(some of them are dark...)

my lovely roommate (:
my COW ;)

We are Besties. 

(: I love my boys!

Eliza, my counselor, does this when she feels awkward (: 



Serenading the boys before the last dance

She was talking to her finace 

We called him Nephi... because he is of large stature 

Really its just a bunch of awkward pictures of me haha but I love them all and miss them dearly! tomorrow a few of us are going to the temple! I am so very excited!!

Hope you enjoyed ;)

XX Kay


  1. Hi Kirsten!! It's Sister Callahan here. ;) My daughter showed me your blog because we are dear friends with one of the boys in your EFY group! So we freaked out a little when we saw the pic of you with Spencer Petersen!!! We moved from Monroe & his dad was our amazing bishop. We adore their family & try to see them as often as we can. Anyway, just had to let you know & hope you are having a rockin' summer!! Love ya!!

    1. Sister Callaghan! Spencer is so awesome! When he found out where I live he freaked out a bit and asked I I knew y'all :) summer is great and I love you too! And let's get together sometime! It's been a while!!