Dear Life....

Dear College Apps,
Why do you cost so much?

Dear SAT,
I already took the test!
And I've seen my scores!
Can you just hand them over 
without making me pay a ransom each time I want them?

Dear Grocery Fairy,
Thanks for the food ;)

Dear School,
I'm a little bit done...
Okay a lot done.
But I've been done since Sophomore year
So this really isn't new...

Dear Bestfriend Kay,
Why are you so cool? :)

Dear Luke 1:37,
Thanks for the inspiration!

Dear Ellie,
Thanks for being born.
And for throwing an awesome party in celebration.
Because now I have something to do
this Friday night :)

Dear Food,
I'm glad we have such a great friendship.
Can this please continue in the future?

ps. Outfit pics from Kay below!

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