Hello Second Semester!

- Our Instagram pictures (prime example above)
- Cute boy that sat with us in 1st period Drawing? Yup, too young. Whatever, we're just going to have to be bestfriends with him over pastels and willow charcoal ;)
- "Which Civics class were you in last semester?" "_____ &____" "Hmmm yeah... you might not pass this one" Why thankyou, new Decisions teacher, for your vote of confidence in a class that I need to graduate....
- Not remembering any awkward moments from the day... but not remembering any awesome things either 

- Last semester of high school! Ever! 4 1/2 months to gooooo!
- Making new friends so you're not a loner in your classes :)
- Basically driving home in the party mini van
- Talking to the sis on the phone. She is really cool :) PLUS she found a place that sells cupcake and pie milkshakes. Uhmmmm what the awesome?!

....And that's all we've got today. Hope your Thursday was awesome! xx

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