Awkward & Awesome (of sorts)

Not so awkward but sad/not fun: Both Tea and I are sick. I stayed home yesterday, and Tea today. There is something going around. And I can tell you, not too fun. Cough, sore throat, fever, etc. etc. etc.
Okay, it's not too bad...

Except when you almost pass out in Drawing class.... Yeah. So I was sitting there, drawing my hand and I feel something I feel everytime I go into pass out mode. So I go to the pretty teacher and she has me take a friend (namely cute sophmore friend mentioned here). As I am walking towards the door, I just about fall over, luckily clutching to a table before I do. I scoot over to Mrs. Teachers cooshie chair and wait for the nurse to arrive.
Best part of all of this? I got a nap during 1st Period!! (: Win. ... mostly.

So I guess that is an awkward AND awesome all in one.

~Mentioned nap

~mentioned sophmore bringing me my bag
~walking to class with King of the chuckle blushes
~Listening to my choir sing 'There Will Be Rest' (since I am sick and cannot sing)
~Tea probs. slept all day and watched movies with her sick mum which is awesome (not the sick part)
~My math test was suppa easy (or I didn't know what I was doing...) 

(Actual Awkwards)
~Blowing your nose and coughing. All. Day. Long.

yeah. That's about it.

Anyways, here is a VERY lovely picture to make your day:

just in case you all didn't know, I am a Peeta fan. And this lovely is the man who will play Peeta in the Hunger games (MARCH 23RD!)

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