We heart YOU five elephants :)

 A Valentine Gram, for you :)

I'm a hopeless romantic. Like, 100%. So obviously, Valentine's Day is my favourite holiday.... Besides my birthday (but that's only a holiday for me and possibly my mother?)
ANYWAYS. Valentine's Day is seriously the best day, because it's a whole bunch of people showing that they actually care about each other and there's candy and presents and cute little valentines! It literally makes my heart giddy...
And then there are the people who decide to hate on Valentine's Day. Which bums me out. But I have a theory about them! Here it goes:

There are two categories to Valentine's-Day-hating.
1) You are single and bitter.  
Solution: Go love someone! Your mum, your dad, your cousins, your bestfriend, your cat, your goldfish.... Whatever you love, go love it and don't dwell in sadness. It's not good for you.
2) You have someone. There are subcategories to this!
- You feel bad for all the above mentioned single and bitter. Don't. Go love the someone you love.
- You don't know how to define your relationship/what Valentine's Day means for you and your significant other.You're on your own with this one... because I have no idea what you're supposed to do. Goodluck? 

Then, of course, there are the people who hate on Valentine's Day because it's commercial or whatever. I see this as if you are hating on Mother's/Father's Day. Just because they were created by greeting card companies doesn't mean you boycott them and vehemently speak out against them in front of your Mother/Father. The same is for Valentine's Day. Stop being a downer and GO LOVE SOMEONE.

Okay, I'm done :)  This Valentine's Day, Kay and I got bomb dot com gram thingys for our seminary class (Peanuts & Toy Story, in case you were wondering.) We then skipped and sang and loved love all day, which was quite amazing! It was also my darling friend's birthday today, so I skipped 4th and decorated her bedroom with Ellie. OH and since I have no-one to shower with love besides family/friends, my Valentine this year was Miss Jess. Easton  & I combined forces to give her 25 grams, because lets face it, you can never give enough love.
Now I'm off to go watch The Notebook. Happy Valentine's Day dear readers :)

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