-Mr N (English teacher extraordinaire)
-Having fuchsia pink hands all day
-Singing hymns at 6am *ahem* seminary
-"I hope you enjoy that apple!" "Do I know you?"
-Telling people we like their outfits. There's always the awkward giggle :)
-Taking pictures in public shopping areas. People like to stare and judge, but we pretend we don't mind....
-Yoga. Don't get us wrong, we totally love it, but its definitely not our finest hour. Especially on Pilates days.


-Being brave and wearing Skirts and Dresses allllll week long. [scarriest thing!!]

-Justin Bieber. Uhhh yeah. Kay has bieber fever... only a little though.
-Talking to bestfriends you haven't seen/heard from in forever
-Again, Mr N 
-Being walked to class by a cute boy (Seriously, best thing ever. I hope this happens often)
-Free pizza for being the "new kid"
-Smiling and saying hi to people in the hall. Totally brightens their day AND yours! 
-Painting class

(a little late, but it's here! Kay is sick so we may be a little behind :/ i miss her)

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