"You're killing me Smalls!"

This was our little quote for the day and it was basically applicable in every situation :)
Too much work from class? check.
Leaving camera at home? check.
Bestfriend not showing up till late? check.
Crazy driver on the wrong side of the road? double check!
I'm glad we understand each other so well, otherwise my life would be very boring and I would never quote The Sandlot. 
Speaking of understanding each other, we may write a whole Awkward & Awesome post dedicated to a certain situation that went down in 1st period yoga today... I would be excited if I were you ;) We heart you 5 elephants xxx.

 Sneaky feet...
 And I Spy

Miss Kay wears: Shirt - F21 Jeans - F21 Shoes - Target Blazer - Target
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - F21 Jeans - F21 Undershirt - Target Bag - Baggu Shoes - TJ Maxx


  1. You Guys Are So Cute :) i lovveee you!

  2. Taylie!!!!!! oh my goodness, lady. I love you. you are amazing.
    umm. i want to go thrifting/shopping with you. like now. where do you live again????