The weekend is our bestfriend

Hello pretties! So these pictures are actually from Day 4 (Thursday) but like I said here, our lives have soooo much going on recently.. Miss Kay got a migraine at school today, so she went home early and i missed her MUCHO. I, on the other hand, fell asleep in 3 classes. I think its a new record? Basically, we're so glad its the weekend!! There's a youth dance on Saturday that we'll (hopefully) go to so we can release all the stress from the week and have tons of fun :) I promise we'll post our day of bravery (today's outfits) sometime soon, but its probs won't be till Sunday... We love you 5 elephants and hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

ps. Don't you love the statues? Its our small town's attempt at being cultural...

Miss Kay wears: Shirt - F21 Dress (worn as skirt) - Borrowed Cardigan - F21 Tights - Target Shoes - Target Belt - Romy
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Thrifted Skirt - F21 Socks - Target Shoes - TJ Maxx

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