Well Hey Y'all!

I finished serving my mission in Alabama on the 22nd.
And well, I started up a personal blog!
You can find me here!

Tea and I haven't decided quite what we are gonna do with this here blog, but we'll figure it out and let you know!

xx Kay


Well, she's off!

My cutie bestfriend officially made it to Alabama!
She is on her way!
I've already recieved a letter from her and she's doing so well :)

For now, this little bloggy of ours is going to be on hold,
because I don't like doing it without her.

SO if you want to follow her adventures, check them out here
and if you want to follow mine, check them out here

Thanks for all the fun these past three years :)
We'll see you again soon
(We heart you 5 elephants)



So, we've been doing quite a bit down here, from hanging out with family, watching one of my grandparent's neighbors $8000 firework show, eating lots of food, going to the temple etc.
Here are a few photos

family 4th of July dinner

Brother Parker and Wife Kate

Hey, an outfit?! Cray cray.
dress: etsy, gold-sparkle-belt: target, shoes: toms, bag: amazon

And I had to say goodbye to these people sunday

siblings (only said goodbye to the lovebirds (brother & wife) on the right))

best friend

best friend & his cute girl friend :)


off the grid...

we  have been rather off the grid lately... oops!
I am now in Utah spending time with my relatives!

what?! crazy.

annnnd that's about it for now..

Love ya'll :)

xx Kay