Emotionally Compromised.

Hold up, guys. 
We're about to get serious.
As in, seriously upset about a movie named "Charly"

So here we are, typical Thursday, minding our own business... when Easton decides we are going to watch "Charly" (also known as the worst movie on earth that takes your heart out and curb-stomps it on the ground.) We kind of hate him now...
If you haven't seen it, well, you have to watch it. It is one of those movies you have to watch ONCE. THAT IS ALL. THE SECOND TIME HURTS MORE. Because you know what's coming. 

We held our tears in until the ferris wheel... and then they exploded, along with our poor little hearts now drowning in sorrow. 

Our lives are over. 
The best part of this whole situation is that last time we watched it, we vowed NEVER AGAIN.
Yet here we are.

When will we ever learn?

(Quote from Easton after sending him hate-texts: "Baha... I just wanted to see if you still had emotions.")

Okay. We are going to watch a happy movie now, possibly "What a Girl Wants".

K love you bye. xx

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