Awkward & Awesome

We haven't done this in a while but I figured to whip one up!

- meeting friends dad and asking if we can hide something in said friends room
- being sick
- almost getting peed on by a 2 year old
- telling people you've been feeling awkward all week, that really sets you up for... Being more awkward
- almost throwing up on a date because you accidentally put too much noodles in your mouth from a soup you aren't too keen on but were willing to try anyways

- being super sneaky (see #1 of awk)
- being able to stay in my jammies (woot woot online classes)
- when attractive men move into your singles ward and stare at you throughout institute
- The Holiday (my fave right now)
- nannying
- ice cream dates
- showing gratitude
- this photo from last summer:

Tea's awkward and awesome: No job. Too much time. The end.

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