"Toniiiiiiiiiight we are youuuuuunnnng so we set the world on fiiiiiire we can burn briiiiiighteerrrrrrr than the suuuuuuuuun"

Tuesday was bomb-digity... Plus a bit of awkward... always.

Here's the scoop:
We decided to send Miss Rachael a thank you gift via the mail. So Tea bought it and we headed to the post office, picked out a nice envelope and headed to the counter. The lovely old man at said counter told us we should get a padded envelope because a few corners would go through the paper... Well awkward número uno: we already wrote the address on it so after trying another envelope that failed we got the medium sized padded envelope. Well it was over 13 oz so we couldn't use stamps and awkward número dos: I only had 2 of 7 dollars on me. So after saying awkward to my self a million times and once out loud I had to run across town to my ATM while Tea hung out at the post office (she's such a trooper). I got back and we paid and got the heck out of there.
Basically, we (in the words of t-swift in relation to the post office) "are never ever ever ever getting back together... Like... Ever."

Next: we went to a concert in the park, enjoyed for an hour and went to go get pie because it sounded good. Then we wanted to share our pie with someone, well, because we had a whole strawberry rhubarb pie! So going through Tea's contacts we called the first name that hasn't gone off to college which happens to be THIS GUY! Who was with another friend at the concert we just left. So, we went to the church, borrowed some forks, and walked down and shared our love pie with some good friends. 

We had pie for dinner. And it only gets better. 

After the pie escapade, we went to good 'ol McD's and got cheeseburgers and McChickens and sat in my car and chatted with the two boys. 

Pie for dinner, sandwiches for dessert, and back at Tea's we had hot cocoa for second dessert. What college students we are. ;)  
we are a small gang/large mafia ;)

And that, my lovely friends, was our last-week-tuesday.

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