Happy 200th post!

Indeed, what a Happy 200th post it is today. And what better way to celebrate a momentous occasion than with an equally fine proposition? Of course, the only fitting way to communicate such a proposition is through that of poetry:

Upcoming soon is Mormon prom - and yet still I am dateless.
I know, I know, asking on such short notice can surely prove tasteless.
I cannot explain how much it would mean if you'd bring me along,
It would mean more to me than my muscles are strong.
My dear friend Velociwoman has always been a good friend
I hope she will say yes to me! *sigh* I guess I can only pretend...
Well, I suppose if she says no, I can just laugh it off after...
You know what? I'll ask anyway - Would you go with me, the Scarlet Raptor?

Velociwoman, would you be so kind as to accompany little old me to Mormon Prom this coming week? I apologize for the short notice, I probably should have asked sooner. However, if you're still willing to go with me, it would be my pleasure. Thank you for having me as your guest blogger on your Happy 200th Post. Congratulations; It was an honor.

P.S. - Here's a little eye candy to help craft your decision. I promise I'll shave, get a hair cut, and try to eliminate all unattractive blemishes.