Awkward & Awesome

-"he was eventually sent to prison for his fakes"
  "wait???? He was arrested for his face?"
- Leaving socks in the yoga room after pilates...
- Being wet. It rained a lot today.
- Almost sitting on friends of the male gender at lunch on accident. Uhm. SO STINKING AWK. (especially when a certian chuckle-blushing young man is sitting across the lunch table from you...)
-Jackson Pollock, except he was crazy....
-"I like to eat paintings!"
- Drawing during Personal Essay (Pterodactyls anyone?)
-The above man, Captain Wentworth. We were squealing for basically the whole second half of Persuasion... Then watched the last scene again. And squealed more.
- General Conference weekend! yayayayayayay! More to come on this :)
- My Daddy's home! (: He was in turkey for 2 months.
- texting that same chuckle-blushing young man (Trust me. There were happy dances)
- The day before the young man left, we talked/flirted alllll 2nd period/on the way to 3rd (:
- Spa night with the stake young women's presidency and Doodlebug's AWESOME niece (:
(p.s. doodlebug is ze young womens president (: We love her, she is one of our best friends!)
- Dressing up my cute sister:

this is an outfit she actually liked (;
isn't she sooo cute?
(ignore my super messy room...)

ANYWAYS. Great weekend. Great week. Sorry this wasn't posted on thursday (:

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  1. You and your blog are ADORABLE!!! Love it. Newest reader.