The REAL housewives of Washington

Today, we made dinner and dessert for our lovely lady friend The Doodlebug!  While we were cooking, we pretended to be wives with hot babe Husbands... we're super cool (; 

Enchiladas & Turtle Brownies... We basically just walked out of a Relief Society Cookbook

The Doodlebug & her son, King of the Tetherball (he totally whooped our butts)

Now here's a little of what we wore on our adventures (: Huge thank you to the pretty above for taking our pictures!
Kay wears : Shirt - F21 Shorts - Target Shoes - Famous Footwear
Necklace - F21
Tea wears : Shirt - Target Overalls - Thrifted Shoes - Laundry
Belt - Nordstrom Headband - Target

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  1. That busted old car is sweet! It would be so fun to take a sledge hammer to it. Also, love the striped shirt and the headband. So cute!

    North Meets South