Here's to the Days!

So I started to make my summer bucket list last night as I sat on my couch watching Northanger Abby, and eating my twix, and thought I would share it with you all! It will come in peices because I am definetly not done with it yet.

~Preform music at 3 different beaches and 4 different parks (with bestfriend Mr. Spaz)
~Have a Star Wars Movie marathon
~Dance in the rain at a random parking lot
~Make a music video
~Play Ultamite Frisbee at night
~ Find a Four-leaf Clover
~Make new friends
~ Pull an all nighter (I always end up falling asleep)
~go to a fair
~go to Wild Waves
~ Sleep outside under the stars
~ Paint something with finger paints
~Write a song

That is all I got for now. What are a few things you guys want to do this summer? (Maybe give me ideas for my bucket list??)

Love you Five Elephants!
Kay (:

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