The day before Friday :)

- Forgetting people's names while conducting Youth Committee. If you're reading this.... I'm really sorry for calling you "you" all night :/
- Making scared/whimpering/muffled scream sounds during scary parts of The Woman in Black. Which basically meant the whole movie?
- Crunching popcorn & oreos really loudly to distract me from scary parts mentioned above
- Making cookies for Dad so he would let me watch a TV show (sad, I know) and then end up eating all of them... in one afternoon... Personally, I thought it was pretty impressive.
- Pandora asking me if I'm still listening. Multiple times. Yes, I'm still here on my computer, thankyou for noticing.

- Laurels activities where we make a ton of food and eat all the food and have platonic-romantic dinner ;)
- Catching up with a friend you haven't seen in a while and finding out you will be having crazy adventures in college (hopefully!)
- Ah-mazing presents from said friend. I basically died. It deserves its own post.
- Kay went to a leadership conference (see above) that she said was basically like EFY without the spiritual. Ummm sounds amazing!
- Gettin' crafty for the upcoming Tolo with some pretties we know ;) Love it love it.
- I'm making a lionfish in Ceramics!! Its pretty bomb and I'm a little obsessed. Plus I get two periods to work on it EVERY DAY and its with my favourite teacher. I seriously want to be just like her. Awesome semester? Yes.
- Remember this post about being upset with my actions? Well the thing I thought I had messed up on is totally 100% fixed! And I didn't even think that was possible in this situation... vague, I know. Lo siento.
- Exciting things happening to this girl! La la la I love my life so much :)
- Hunger games. Obviously. We're obsessed.

You know what else is awesome? The awesome's outweighing the awkwards by A LOT. I love it :) and YOU. 5 elephants, in fact. xx

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