Snow Days Part II

Sooooo I was going to post about all my snow days at once (3 1/2 and counting!) but here's what went down....
Day 1/2 - Late start, snow melted, favourite teacher couldn't make it to school, found out my braces are probs a permanent accessory to my teeth and are never coming off....That's an exaggeration. but also not.
Day 1 - AWESOME DAY :) Sledding in the morning, being a veggie on the couch for the rest of it, ate a lot of food, watched a lot of movies/TV shows
Day 2 - Sucked. Everything is icy. Everything is slippery. The world became a very savage horrible place for a person who can barely stay standing while it's dry. Ate a lot of chow mein. Watched a lot of movies/TV shows. Power went out. Cabin fever kicked in. But I did make cookies!
Day 3 - Ate a lot. Watched a lot of TV shows. Stayed on the couch all day. Really sad.

Since Day 1 was really the best day of them all, that's all I documented! Here you go :)
 A little reminder
 Watched Psych with this guy... well I watched Psych. He teased & threw food at me. Awesome. right? (No.) 
NOTE: This photo isn't from the snow day, it's just the only one I have of him from a party a week ago... and I didn't take it (this pretty did!)

 Dad wearing his Stitch snowboarding beanie. Yes, like Lilo & Stitch. Coolest Dad Ever :)

 Cute family friends
 Majorly enjoying cinnamon rolls
 Watching Pride & Prejudice (Just like Kay! we didn't even plan it. Crazy bestfriend connection)
 "Makes 66 servings." Good thing too...

 Sister love :)
 the mountain of coats by the front door

 Dedicated sledder making the trek back up the hill

 Dad's truck

 Obviously, my sister should be a model
See part one here and stay tuned for a very awesome part three :)

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