Snow Day Tales Part I

I. love. snow. days.
But then again, not really. I love them because well, there is snow outside (which this is the first ALL WINTER) and no school.
The only reason I don't like them is because it is cold. and wet. and cold. I like to be warm (:

On MLK day (which we had off anyways) we got some snow. Pretttttty snazzy right? I had to drop off some mula to a boy in the neighborhood across the street (for legal reasons... I promise?) And mi madre walked with me in the snow/ice. On the way there, we talked of the Rain Shadow Effect (yes, very intellegent of us) and other odds & ends. Then, on the way back home my mum said this: "Hey, why don't we lay down in the middle of the road and make snow angels?" I said she was weird, and approximately three seconds later we are doing EXACTLY that. Uhm. Best walk in the snow ever!

Tuesday, we had a '2 hour late start' where we come to school at 9:30 and have 35 minute classes (wish that was everyday) and at lunch, somebody's popcorn blew up in the microwave and may or may not have caught fire (depends on who you ask). The Fire Alarm went off, and we all scurried outside because we could actually smell something burning. after trudging through the slooshy parking lot we went inside and school went as normally EXCEPT... my moccasin slippers were all wet. So I walked around school bare foot for a little (:

Wednesday, I slept in until a very nice 11:00 (after staying up past 1:00AM watching Persuasion and Pride & Prejudice with the sister... UHM If anyone knows of a Captian Wentworth that I can have, let me know?) I played in the snow, sat around, and did two, I repeat TWO projects. Yup. Awesome huh?

I  made some snazzy wall art with a slab of wood and latex paint (left over from painting my room a few years ago) and some duct tape! (: It is lovely.
I messed up a little on the middle left hand side triangle, but I still think it's cool!

And I took in my mum's wool plaid button up. (she doesn' t like it because it's itchy... nothing a cute sweater underneath can't fix!) all I did was take in the sides and the arms. I love it (:
(will wear sometime and show ya!)

Now here are some pictures of the snow!! (:
that was my ruler in 5th grade...

hello there open gate showing off how much snow we got!
(it looks much more awesome in person)

ice incased plants. SO COOL.

Part II will come soon with Tea's exciting Snow Day adventures (:

Xx Kay (:

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