Press Play :)

Oh goodness, guys.
I am still buzzing :)
Saturday night was the best concert ever..
And I feel like I say that after every concert,
But no. I am 100% serious today!
The Best. Ever. Ever ever. 
I'm scared that nothing can top this...
Here's what went down: 

Ellie. Abram. Molly. Kristina. the Lil Sis. Me.
We staked out a little corner against a doorway and the stage.
Turns out the doorway led backstage.
Where everyone was hanging out. 
(And by everyone, we mean Andy Grammer & Rachel Platten.)
And where the artists came on stage.
Needless to say, we had heart palpitations all night :)
Phillip Lomax started the night by getting everyone pumped...
Except they weren't. Pumped, I mean.
The crowed was.. blah.
Basically a whole bunch of people trying to impress the strangers around them 
instead of having a good time. Disappointing, right?
There was a lot of head bobbing. But not us!
We didn't care what we looked like, we went all out :)
Dancing, hands in the air, screaming along to the words
(screaming anything, really)
Believe me, we were the party corner. 
When Phillip Lomax came off, we introduced ourselves and all got hugs.
Next was Rachel Platten, and let me tell you, we were a little twitterpated by her.

She was so into it! And so were we :)
More singing, more dancing, more laughing.
Plus her music is so happy! You really can't help being excited with her up there.
We definitely got a lot of attention in that corner of ours.
 Her drummer & bestfriend (Craig) made faces and winked at us basically the whole time.
She was shuffled quickly backstage when she was done, but Craig came to talk to us!
He introduced himself and shook all of our hands, then told us we made his night :)
Ummmmm we died. He was super nice and so fun to talk to
We also met Rachel a little later, when she signed basically anything we shoved in her face.
She was genuinely happy to talk to us and was so excited to know that we had actually heard her songs before..

 Check us out! We're in the corner & Craig keeps looking at us. Plus we have an awesome moment at 3:09

Next was Ryan Star.
We have mixed feelings about his music
(It was a little bit of a downer after Rachel's boppy crazyness)
but he was still a great performer! 
He had a tambourine-off onstage.
And talked to us from the mic
(we sort of caused this whole hush thing... hard to explain)
But he said he loved how crazy we were :)
It was loco. 
And now, who everyone was waiting for....
Andy Grammer.
 Cell phone pics, excuse the quality...
 Andy & our bff Zach :)
Oh goodness.
Our hearts melted during "Ladies"
And his encore was my favourite Andy Grammer song. (Okay, one of them)
He didn't really look over at us much, because we were in a corner
(Though we tried really hard to get his attention)
But we became bestfriends with the bass guitarist.. And the drummer... and the keyboard/accordian player... and their manager :)
(Shout out to Zach, Mike, Dave and Terry!)
Zach laughed and made faces at us while we were singing & dancing our hearts out.
Plus he told us Dave's name and made fun of all our screaming.
That means we're basically bonded for life, right?
We hung out afterwards (even though they tried to clear us out) so we could meet Andy.
And then they tried to kick him out so they wouldn't have to pay the venue overtime.
So you know what he did?
Took pictures & signed things outside!

Totally his idea. (Fan dedication right there.)
It was cold.And in front of a kind of sketch wall.
But he signed the t-shirt I got for Kay and made funny faces with us :)
Pretty much in love with him.
Soon we were back in the car and on our way home.
Listening to our newly purchased Rachel Platten cds
And eating our traditional Taco Bell :)
I'm pretty sure I had jitters till 3am when Ellie & I finally fell asleep..

So yes :) Wouldn't you agree that this was the best? 
To be honest, I'm impressed if you read the whole thing.
But now that you've seen how amazing concerts with us can be, how do these sound?
We'll go to Taco Bell afterwards, I promise ;)

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