Music is my boyfriend

 Plug In Stereo, who is not my boyfriend (but oh how I wish!)
You know what's great about living so close to Seattle?
Concerts Concerts Concerts :)
There's something about hearing music live.
There's a buzz in the air. Electricity. Anticipation. 
Then the lights dim and the chatter stops.
A moment of silence before the band steps on stage.
Here they are. The crowd errupts.
And you spend the rest of your time cheering and dancing 
and singing along to the words
at the top of your lungs.
You can just let everything go and the music kind of fills you up :)
Its seriously one of the best feelings in the world.
And I take every opportunity I get!

SO. Concerts coming up... Anyone wanna come? :)
January 21st - Andy Grammer & Rachel Platten
February 18th - Hot Chelle Rae
March 24th - Joe Brooks
April 7th - Young the Giant

-Tea xx


  1. Hot Chelle Rae

    Joe Brooks

    Young the Giant.

    I will come with you <3