The One With The Bunny Ears

The above title is in reference to Friends aka one of the best tv shows of all time...

So. I was going for the whole "Parisian red jean/striped shirt" thing with a mixture of "Bandana 2Pac style" but obviously.... the headband just ended up looking like bunny ears. Awesome?

 Just dancing in the front yard, no bigs :)
 we like to incorporate trash into our photos, obviously. It works, right?

In other news, it still hasn't snowed. But it was sunny just as we were getting home!
Which was super bomb (and explains the random pictures of plants...)
Now I'm off to cuddle up on the couch with a hot mug of deliciousness and re-watch Pretty Little Liars from last night so I can discuss with the college student. (Its always important to have a mindless tv show to watch after a long day of school. Don't judge?)
I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday so far!
And if you're sick, I hope you feel better :)
-Tea xx

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