Much ado about someone...

 taken during our summer in Idaho/Utah.
Can you say free t shirts?
And that someone is my sister.
I don't even know how to sum her up!
Blonde haired. Blue eyed.
Polar opposite of me.
Sharer of bedrooms.
And clothes.
Secret keeper.
Sneaky partner.
Perfect pillow on a roadtrip.
And life saver at times.
She's the one who makes me laugh so hard I cry.
Holding my stomach because I can't breathe.
Falling off our chairs due to our personal comedy shows.
Literal tears streaming down my face in the middle of dinner. 
Or sacrament meeting.
Totally inappropriate places.
But don't those make the best memories? :)
She knows the movies I quote (because she's seen them all too)
And is brave enough to crowd surf at concerts.
Sometimes she sings the exact same song as me, 
even though we're at opposite sides of the house.
She's my balance!
And my bestfriend :)

But now she's off in the big wide world.
And she is most definitely taking it by storm.
(Love you missy)


  1. aawwww taytay! she loves you too.

  2. Love this! You're right, sisters are the best! I've had my fair share of laughing/crying with my sisters-don't know what I'd do without them! probably crawl under a rock somewhere..

    found the route