No Make-up December

Was nice. Through not wearing makeup I am more comfortable with not wearing makeup, and I feel less self-consious with not wearing any in public. BUT, I got very impatient with the month for a little while and could not wait till january. So, I kind of killed this experience a little bit, but it does show how much I depend on makeup. So, like I said in the beginning, it was nice. It was nice to get ride of my little 'addiction' of always wearing makeup. It was nice rubbing my eyes without messing up my makeup. It was nice whenever I cried (I think they were all happy/spiritual cryings so it was good) my mascara didn't run. I would definetly say that I have grown, even if just a little bit (:
So, I would like to thank Miss Katherine again for sharing and deciding to do this yourself. (:

XX Kay


  1. YOUR EYELASHES ARE THAT DARK WITHOUT MASCARA? Jealous is sizzling all throughout my body. Oh and by the way, you're gorgeous. (: