Gettin' to know you (pt 1)

Hello, My name is Tea :)
As of June 5th, I am 17 years old. (woot woot)
I am the middle of 3 girls, which is pretty cool... most days.
I'm basically blind, so yes, the glasses are real :)
Fun Fact: Dad is American & Mum is Australian
^^Because of that I've moved 18 times.
And I also spell things with u's.
My favourite colour is purple & my favourite flowers are daffodils.
I hate peas.
I spend all my money on concerts & food.
And I watch way too many movies.
I wish Vampire Weekend could write the soundtrack to my life.
Or maybe Regina Spektor. 
Or basically anyone who's music makes me dance in my seat :)
My favourite food is Ranch Dressing
And I want to live somewhere busy & sunny.
If I was a food I like to think I would be a spicy burrito with everything on it...
But most days I'm just the tortilla, which is cool too I guess :)
I love airplanes. And the beach. And frozen yogurt.
I make up theories about everything (though I don't always share them)
And my goals in life are to: 
1. have mermaid hair 
2. go to every temple in the world
3. Recreate Ferris Buller's Day Off (or any 80's movie, really)
I believe singing (screaming) along to songs & dancing in the kitchen is necessary.
New Year's Resolutions are not.
I want to travel & learn & grow & smile so much I get wrinkles.
For now, I'm just bopping along :)

Nice to meet you!

Miss Tea wears: Sweater: F21 Jeans: Thrifted Socks: Big 5 Boots: Target Headscarf: Somewhere in Paris

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