A story about a girl and a cake...

 (Sneaky peak at my real name...)

Its confession time.
Right here, right now.
This week was hard for me.
And this weekend was hard for me.
Even though we did all these cool things like pie making and Christmas sweater wearing and throwing an awesome party, I was secretly down in the dumps.
Horrible, right?
Well, after babysitting for 10 hours, I trudged in the door at 2:30am Monday Morning and found this.
A cake.
Especially for me.
With notes that made me giggle.
And lifted my heart.
I hadn't told anyone I was sad.
I tried to be as bubbly and cheerful as can be.
But they knew.
And they brought me cake :)
So thankyou, secret bestfriends, for thinking of me.
You put a smile on my dial!

ps. Do you want your plate back...?

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