The little yellow schoolhouse

Sorry for the lack of posting!
It has been a busy, busy week as we've been finishing up school/seminary/homework before WINTERBREAK aka the most wonderful time of the year :)
This weekend is going to be super fun with sweaters and pies and Christmas Parties (oh my!) 
Are you excited? We are :)

The other day we were at a loss for photo backgrounds. 
We have basically used up all the good places in our itty bitty town.
BUT we remembered our wonderful school teacher friend and her amazing house :)
So we were super sneaky and took pictures while she was educating the children of America.
Isn't it adorable (and sunny)? We love it. And her. And you :)

Miss Kay wears: Sweater - Old Navy Shirt - Target Jeans - F21 Scarf - Unknown
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Uniqlo Jeans - H&M Boots - Target Cardigan - Thrifted

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