We have been bad bloggers this week.

Sorry for the lack of posting! We don't really have a super good excuse (we'll at least I don't...). And normal posting should continue this next week.

In other news I am almost done with my BYU-I app! And so is Tea (:

In other other news, I got new reading glasses and just realized soon I will need bi-focals! Yup. I am one of the only 17 year olds who will need/has bifocals that I know of. Fun right?

We love you tons and how you have had a fantstically wonderus week/weekend. If you have snow, go play in it for us, k? We were supposed to get some thursday&friday, but it didn't happen.

We love you five elephants worth!

xx Tea&Kay

P.s. go look up this song (feat Ryan Tedder) and then watch the music video. In either order.

okay bye.

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