Boots and Puddles and Friends

Yes, What We Wore is back finally :) Of course, the day we decided we should probs take pictures again is the day it decides to pour rain... literally pour. Non-stop opening of the heavens. But we love it, so its all good! Plus the sun came out for an excellent 15 minutes of photoshooting after school. Yes, those are our cars. We take any moment we can get, even if that means its in the parking lot....
 This guy is probably one of the most amazing people I have ever met. And he owns a cool blue truck.
 See what I mean?
Doesn't this just scream Fall? I'm so excited for this weather!
If anyone wants to come snuggle here in Western Washington I'm totally up for it ;)
Much love x

Miss Kay wears: Sweater - Borrowed Scarf - Target Jeans - F21 Socks - Target Shoes - Unknown
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Nordstrom Jeans - H&M Boots - Target
Scarlet Raptor wears: Everything - Target

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