What Conference Looks Like... Part 2

Sunday Morning:
Looks like: Family snuggling on the couch, homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, scriptures and notebooks at the ready
Sounds like: Inspired words, music that touches your heart, "Be loyal to the Royal within you"
Tastes like: Homemade cinnamon rolls, Milk, Warmth

 Sunday Afternoon:

Looks like: More blankets, more notes, more snuggling
Sounds like: Rain pattering on the roof, truth, "Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that the things that are important to us become important to Him"
Tastes like: Delicious chilli that warms you to your toes, cornbread, and honey

Conference is basically my favourite time. Its a whole weekend where I'm able to listen to the words of the Lord through modern-day Prophets. I'm able to receive my own personal answers to questions I have and also gives us all a little moment to strengthen ourselves before we face the world again on Monday. We're all able to get together and feel of His love. What an amazing way to spend 48 hours :) I'm feeling so blessed! Love you 5 elephants, Tea xx

(See Part 1 here or read what General Conference is all about here)

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