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As you probably know, we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a friend serving a mission right now in the Campinas Brazil Mission. He has been there for a little over 6 months and is doing so well. I think about him more and more often lately, because I have been able to realize all that he has done for me, that I didn't realize before. First I will start out with an excperience we got to share.

At school, we have an auditon choir called Meistersingers. He was a Senoir, I a Sophmore. That year in Meisters, we got the wonderfull oppertunity to go to California for our choir tour. He and I hung out were already pretty good friends before this, so we hung out basically the whole time anyways. One day, we went to Disneyland to go enjoy the park, and also to do a session with the music director behind the wall by Minnie's house. During the day of us having fun, going on rides, enjoying eachothers company, and holding hands.
Now you all might be alll 'oooooh they held hannnnnds!!" (; but not like that. It was the 'no- pressure-best-friends-i-love-you' type of hand holding. You know, the supportive kind that lets you know that person will always be there for you.

Through this, and a small amout of other things we did together he taught me a very important lesson; how to love unconditionally, no matter the person. Keep and open heart, even though you may get hurt down the line. This is the kind of person he is.

Now, even though he probably wont get to read this, I wanted to publicly thank him from thousends of miles away to a bunch of bloggy friends.

So, thank you Elder M-S. I love you and know you are doing God's will in Brazil.

{him&i in disneyland}
xo kay

P.s. normal posts are to come soon (:

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