Pretty fly for a Jedi :)

"We are the Jedi you seek"

.... That was basically our line to everyone we wanted to dance with last night :) Yup, we were the coolest kids at the youth dance. BUT there's a story about this dance that I feel like I have to tell (its not the greatest story, so if you want to skip down to the pics I totally don't mind)

Okay : So we weren't planning on going to this little shin-dig. We were going to go to a corn maze with a bunch of people, then watch The Messengers.... but like so many of our plans, it didn't work out. We found ourselves sitting at our houses at 6pm with no plans. Awesome, right? So we decided to give in and go to a Multistake Halloween Dance 45 minutes away. Our only problem was that it was costume, and we hadn't planned for that! After some quick blog stalking, we came across this and soon we were (cleanly) dancing our hearts out to such classics as "We Like To Party" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".

 (Super serious Jedi faces)

 Just ridding the world of darkness, no biggie

 I hope you guys had amazing weekends also! May the force be with you xx

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