10 things that make us terribly happy this week....

(Inspired by The Rockstar Diaries and in no particular order)
1. Pizzaaaaa
2. Studying/Snuggling in bed with our Momma's
4. Dairy Queen Sundaes/Cookie Jar Blizzards
5. Bestfriend dates with our favourite! She is such an example to us and we can literally talk to her for hours about anything and everything.
6. Car rides home with this guy. He makes everything an adventure!
7. AMAZING scriptures found in the library at church :P
8. Little things that remind us of other stuff we love
9. My family's ingenious ways of getting around the new If-You-Eat-The-Last-Brownie-You-Have-To-Clean-The-Pan rule....
10. Being bestfriends and having super exciting weekend plans

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