-Your stomach growling really loudly when its quiet and everyone stares at you
-Trying to creep on some people around a corner and one of them nearly walks into you. We need to work on our stalking skills.
-Having to blow your nose 24/7... meaning in the middle of class and you feel SUPER self-conscous being the only one loudly blowing their nose.
-Not blowing your nose and feeling your boogers start to escape (ya gross, but it totally happened.) THEN running to the tissue's and trash can so that you don't booger up your desk.
-Sneezing while you eat food... nuff' said

-Baking. We made cupcakes!
-Laughing every day in 3rd period. I think its giving me abs
 ***"Irish Wristwatch", changing song lyrics, Daft Punk peer editing, "My creativity is fwooping"
-Bestfriends that share their blankets during sem
-Apple juice in a bottle that looks like an apple ("Drink your apple a day!" That's innovation.)
-Exchange students, they are da-bomb.

Hope your Thursday was awkward AND awesome.

anyone have good stories? We want to know (:

xo, Tea&Kay

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  1. It's so funny to me because I can relate to almost all of the awkward stuff but none of your awesome experiences. I hope that doesn't have anything to do with the ratio of awkward to awesome in my life. Oh well. Great picture by the way.