First Day of School

Its here guys. Our beautiful summer has ended and we've been thrown back into school like poor little fish. They get us hooked on this amazing world we live in then tell us we're not quite big enough and toss us back... But its okay, we've been here a while so we know how to swim :)
This is going to be an interesting year! I've moved across town to my rival school, which was a little scary. Super big plus of this: Kay and I have first period yoga together and it will be awesome. Since no one here (except a select few) have actually seen any of my clothes, i went with my super-comfy-would-wear-everyday dress because its good to have something familiar on a nerve-wracking day like this! Kay went above and beyond (as always) in pretty wine coloured jeans. I'm a little bit in love with them *ahem* may steal them....
our friendship in a picture... its gonna be a good year!
 This pretty is Kay's sister and we love her :)
Yayyy school!

Miss Kay wears: Jeans - F21 Shirt - F21 Cardigan - Target Shoes - Famous Footwear
Miss Tea wears: The Lazy dress (seen here and here) - F21 Shoes - Nordstrom

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