Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins dance, In my Khaki pants, There's nothing better...

Our church held a Sadie Hawkins Dance this past weekend for the youth in the area, and since we love any excuse to dress up, we went :) Kay & Beast went as CowPeople  and I went with our friend C (we wore Tie-dye). Our group had some pretty great costumes though! There were old people, penguin shirts, tourists and more tie-dye. SUPER fun. We had a picnic before we left (since its National Picnic Month) and random people asked us if we were doing a play in all our costumes... 

ps.  Beast and Spaz  took most of the photos so I could be in some of them. Don't we have great friends? (I think they just wanted to play with the camera, but that's cool too)

 Kay & C

 Spaz & Calista

Our tie dye buddies!
 And tourists :)

 This is the foot game...
 And its basically the best thing ever
 All our pretty girlies :)
 Sword fight with the old people's canes
 Aren't they the cutest old couple?

The dance was in a barn! Complete with pie and soda in glass bottles. So super cute! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures there. It looked a little like this:

 Awesome right? Hope you guys had a great weekend! Love ya 5 elephants, Tea xx

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