We are so indie

Hello pretties! These little style photos were taken for us by the wonderful Mr S (aka The Spaz).
We took about a MILLION photos yesterday and I want to share them all! But many are just cool pictures and have no relation to clothes, so I feel like separating them into two different posts would be better.
Miss Tea wears: Shirt - Unknown Sweater - Gap Jeans - Hollister Socks - My Dad's Shoes - Zara
Miss Kay wears: Shirt -  Sweater - F21 Jeans - F21 Shoes - Necklace w/ watch - Chinatown in NYC Lace tank -Mum's

We totally love this yellow Ukelele and Spaz for taking the pictures :)
Oh, and we love you 5 elephants of course xx


  1. you guys are absolutely adorable :)


  2. What is this handsome man wearing?!!?! he looks quite fashionable. I think he should be included at this little fashion breakdown down at the end there. Just btws.