You are welcome to eat some tacos while you wait.

Guys i'm sorry, but we'll have to love you and leave you again!
We are off to this little thing called EFY, aka the best part of our summer.
This isn't like camp  where we looked gross and didn't shower.
There will be boys (:
So we will be looking cute and there will be a TON of outfit posts as soon as we're home!
There's just not any internet access... that we're allowed to use...
But we will be back on Saturday! Don't miss us too much (:
LOVE YOU 5 ELEPHANTS (and 3 crisp beef tacos) xxx

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  1. oh to be young and off to EFY.... Have so much fun, its one of the best parts of the summer!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com