"I would like popsicles and a big box of awkward please"

We had quite the adventure yesterday and, guess what?! You get to hear about it! :D We are going to start doing Awkward and Awesome [popsicle] Thursdays!! Excited? Yeah, us too. You get to hear about all the awkward things that go on in one day (trust me, there are a TON of those) and the rad little awesome things that happen (which usually go along with the awkward). So, here is our list:

Just so you know, we did not come up with this on our own. The lovely Daybook started this I believe and we thought it necessary for our bloggy, because we do so many awkward things it is awesome.. But we added in the popsicle because every Thursday (for the most part) we go get popsicles with Mr. Beast (shown in the background here).
Hope your day was lovely and filled with awkward and awesome-ness (:

We love you five elephants,
Kay & Tea

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