We sit in the middle of roads sometimes...

The sun was shining!
... Until we went outside to take pictures
So we stood under a tree in a bunch of mowed grass.
(good thing we like trees)
When the sun finally decided to re-emerge from the clouds, we did what every sensible person would do in that situation :
We sat in the middle of the road and nearly got hit by a car.
Oh the things we do for the sake of blogging (:
I love you 5 elephants

Tea got sunburned this weekend and Kay is perfectly pale (:
 Tea Wears: Dress - Thrifted Cardigan - JayJays Shoes - F21 Bag -  Sportsgirl Headband - Target
Kay Wears: Dress - Thrifted Cardigan - Target Shoes - Unknown Necklace - F21 Sunglasses - Target

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