So, we've been doing quite a bit down here, from hanging out with family, watching one of my grandparent's neighbors $8000 firework show, eating lots of food, going to the temple etc.
Here are a few photos

family 4th of July dinner

Brother Parker and Wife Kate

Hey, an outfit?! Cray cray.
dress: etsy, gold-sparkle-belt: target, shoes: toms, bag: amazon

And I had to say goodbye to these people sunday

siblings (only said goodbye to the lovebirds (brother & wife) on the right))

best friend

best friend & his cute girl friend :)


  1. ohhhh looks like a simply lovely time! And where do I find friends that put on a $8k firework show?? haha

  2. That guy (I don't think I could spell his name) was in my English class! Crazy small world!