To Seattle We Go

Adventures to Seattle tomorrow :)
We are so excited.
We love Pikes Place.
And here is a story:

Once upon a time there was this old Chinese man who sold jewelry. You could get a super cool, awesomespice ring for $5. We dig, right? Well... our friend Jess went to Seattle last week AND HE WASN'T THERE. I don't even know... So we are hoping he maybe just wasn't there that day because stopping at the Chinese man's table of rings is important and a tradition. I mean, every time I'm there he asks if I have a boyfriend and told me I should date an Asian... hasn't happened, but oh well ;) So if anyone knows of the whereabouts of the Chinese ring man, please let us know.

photo via the internet
ps we love the ferry.

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  1. Pahaha, that last sentence is fantastic and in no way creepy at all! :)