We heart Ben and Jerry

A lovely friend-date at Safeway was had this evening.
It was full of:

*Awkward eye contact with people from high school that we didn't necessarily want to communicate with

*Awkward men working on their laptop turning around and making eye contact with Kay multiple times while Tea has no idea

*Tea doing dances in her seat while eating ice cream with a man-stranger staring at her from the window who then walked into an alley way (bit creepy, yeah?)

*Cute men staring at Kay for a long time while he drove past and she has no idea, then once Tea notified Kay, she winked at the back of his car (cause he obviously could tell;) )

*Eating great ice cream

*Singing along to the radio



*And more giggling.

It was pretty great.

kay's ice cream

tea's ice cream


Kay & Tea

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