Necessary Evil

I don't like the dentist.
It's just a necessary evil that I wish oh so much wasn't.
Unfortunately we need it...

I had to get two fillings. And I hated almost every moment of it.
The one part I was fine with was that I was on "THE gas" ;)
So I was all float-y and relaxed, yet I still manage to hyperventilate and tense up and clamp my jaw on the bite block. Lovely right? So my jaw is super sore (note: I almost said "hurty". Last I checked I wasn't under the age of 10...) and I took a nice nap because I didn't have to nanny today.

So what am I going to do?! EAT ICE CREAM! When am going to do it?! NOW! Am I going to enjoy it?! HECK YES I AM. :)

Have an ice cream filled day ;)

Also, here are some dentist memes I ran across.

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